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Staff Directory 2018-2019

Staff Member Position Email
Kim Robertson Principal
Tiffany Eakins Assistant Principal
Gerald Puckett Admin Intern
Marina Shelton Bookkeeper
Lori Richardson Clerk
Jessica Cepeda-Rivera Data Manager
Sabrina Steigelman Media Coordinator
Reginald Sales ISS/Behavior Intervention
Kenneth Josef Computer Lab
Amanda Weaver Pre-Kindergarten
Natasha Molten Pre-Kindergarten
Kate Graham Kindergarten
Deborah Manz Kindergarten
Felecia Locklear Kindergarten
Brittany Harvey Kindergarten
Cassandra Reed Kindergarten
Marilyn Smith Kindergarten
Latoya Bascoe 1st Grade
Melissa Sutherland 1st Grade
Deloshier Greene 1st Grade
Oquilla Pickett 1st Grade
Kristen Shipp 1st Grade
Melissa Valentine 1st Grade
Jacqueline Morales 2nd Grade
Amanda Burnett 2nd Grade
Lauren Gagliardi 2nd Grade
Kendra LoSapio 2nd Grade
Rose Whitehouse 2nd Grade
Cassandra Reed 2nd Grade
Brandi Lewis 3rd Grade
Rayon Taylor 3rd Grade
Miranda Powell 3rd Grade
Verna Williams 3rd Grade
Vicky Mitrisin 3rd Grade
Richie Fray 4th Grade
Jessica Collins 4th Grade
Renee Price 4th Grade
Lauren Thomas 4th Grade
Gwen Jacobs 4th Grade
Tammy Grover 5th Grade
Coleen Thomas 5th Grade
Janice Wright 5th Grade
Sheldon Lee 5th Grade
Phil Collins EC Teacher
Olivia Grace EC Teacher
Sydney Pelaez EC Teacher
Denise Alston EC Teacher
Amanda England EC Teacher
Steve Murray EC Teacher
Diedra Moyd EC Teacher
Jenah Barribeau Art
Renee Lupo-Bain Music
Franklin Smith Physical Education
Kenneth Washington Social Worker
Heather Ayers Psychologist
Elizabeth Heisel Curriculum Coach
Quillie Brown Remediation
Colleen Smith Remediation
Russell Regenhardt Remediation
Carmen Johnson Art
Jamie Hurley Art
Tracy Gorman Music
James Bailey Strings
Christina Corbett Guidance Counselor
Ava Pupuhi Guidance Counselor
John Atanasio EC Case Worker
Shannon Blue AIG
Wendy Soltero ESL
Jannette Mueller Speech
April Massengill Speech
Wanda Zollner EC
Sarah Hennessey AIG Discovery
Felicia Ellis Behavior Coach
Jerika Rivera Teacher Assistant
Randall Blackburn Teacher Assistant
Ann Shipman Teacher Assistant
Phyllis Moore Teacher Assistant
Yasmine Cradle Teacher Assistant
Michelle Newsome Teacher Assistant
Nyeisha Ford Teacher Assistant
Myeisha Ford Teacher Assistant
Kelli Gilder Teacher Assistant
Valencia Smith Teacher Assistant
Anthony Cole Teacher Assistant
Lela Shaw Teacher Assistant
Donna Anderson Teacher Assistant
Karen Benton Teacher Assistant
Zanita Smith Teacher Assistant
Margaret Johnson Teacher Assistant
Pamela Hobbs Teacher Assistant
Vivian Roman Herrera Teacher Assistant
Timothy Smithheart Head Custodian
Suzie Chapman Custodian
Robert Boone Custodian
Ewrik McKoy Custodian
Donna Mitchell Custodian
Sheila Rivera Cafeteria Manager
Maricella Rios Cafeteria Staff
Kelley Fairfax Cafeteria Staff
Karen Burgess Cafeteria Staff
Clara Everett Cafeteria Staff
Crystal Payne Cafeteria Staff
Victoria McDonald Cafeteria Staff


Published by Kenneth Josef on August 1, 2018
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